Hello there :)

Hello there!

Welcome to Little Dot! What's Little Dot you ask :)

Well, things all started in a moment on a day in 2006 (it could have been a Tuesday) when Little Dot didn’t exist.Then three seconds later, it did. Sitting in a small living room in the tiny country of New Zealand a little dot of an idea had sparked in the mind of Alice,and Little Dot was born.

As she explained it to Josh,“I want to make stationery that’s like a fashion accessory.” 

“Why not call it fashionery then?” suggested Josh.

The spark fired and grew until Little Dot fashionery included not only beautiful stationery, but fashionable accessories like hair ties, scarves, card, pouches and of course, Little Dot and Lulu, the character plush dolls of the Little Dot gang, for the young at heart ;-)

Alice’s mind is full of beautiful strangeness. As a child she sketched pandas and rabbits compulsively. You can still see traces of them in her work. She once even drew a fish on her Mother’s tummy. “Look Dad,Mum had fish for dinner!” Alice’s delightful sense of humour is integral to the Little Dot collection. Each piece is interwoven with beauty, meaning and laughter. (Apples and chairs are VIP). Combined with the world’s finest papers and fabrics, Little Dot fashionery isn’t just cute, its quality is startling.

This quality is no mistake.While Alice is the dreamer of the pair, Josh has an eye for excellence. His design engineering knowledge has flowed into Little Dot product designs, making them uniquely excellent. Alice calls him picky, but thanks to Josh’s fine eye, Alice’s designs have taken on a sort of glow.

Little Dot uses environmental responsible materials for their products, with many materials hand-picked from New Zealand, Japan, Korea and Europe.

When style met value,they kissed. And Little Dot fashionery was born.

Little Dot is an original New Zealand brand, formed from the dreams of an artist and finished by a product design perfectionist. Made with all their hearts.